WR Moe ready to seize opportunity

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Among the 19 college free agents signed by the Patriots on Friday, one of the noteworthy names is wide receiver T.J. Moe out of Missouri, a player who, because of the fact that he is a slot receiver who went undrafted, has been comapred in some circles to Wes Welker.

Moe, addressing the local media for the first time on Friday, wouldn't go that far in terms of drawing a parallel between his game and Welker's.

"That's an honor to be compared to a great player," he said. "I'm not there yet, I'm worried about trying to make the Patriots roster and trying to do everything they ask me to do ... I'll leave the comparisons up to you guys."

Moe feels as though he's found a good fit with the Patriots, a team he had some interaction with prior to the draft.

"It's such a great organization," he noted. "They've been the cream of the crop for the last 12-13 years. I think they've been to five Super Bowls -- is that right? -- since 2001, and went to another one in '96. Top of the line, great coaches, great people and really a great opportunity for me."

Beyond the appeal of playing for a winning organization, Moe mentioned that the Patriots are a team that isn't focused on draft status, but rather production.

"To them, I don't know how much it matters that you're a first, second, third-rounder, as long as you show up and produce," Moe said. "I don't think they're worried about money, they're worried about production."

Separate from the same challenges all other rookies will have to overcome in their transition to the NFL, Moe will have to pick up on the Patriots playbook, which involves a system that many regard as complex for wide receivers.

"You've just got to hammer down and learn it," he said. "Everyone's got their own style, and the Patriots have their own style. I have nothing to compare it to as far as an NFL playbook. So I'm just coming in, eyes open, trying to learn. I know people say it's difficult, I'm just trying to do my best."

As for how Moe learned that the playbook has the reputation of being difficult to pick up?

"You guys," he said to the media with a laugh.