Harmon, Green & Mattes contracts

A closer look at the contracts signed by rookie safety Duron Harmon, veteran guard Tyronne Green, and rookie free-agent offensive lineman R.J. Mattes:


Term/total value: 4 years, $2,71 million

Signing bonus: $533,600

Base salaries:

2013: $405,000 (split of $288,000 if lands on reserve list)

2014: $495,000

2015: $585,000

2016: $675,000

Workout bonuses:

2014: $5,500

2015: $6,000

2016: $6,000

Cap charges:

2013: $538,400

2014: $633,900

2015: $724,400

2016: $814,400

QUICK-HIT THOUGHTS: Interesting to make the comparison to Steelers restricted free-agent receiver Emmanuel Sanders with this deal, because this is the draft slot that the Patriots would have surrendered if they landed Sanders. The Patriots signed Sanders to a one-year, $2.5 million offer sheet that was matched by the Steelers. This deal for Harmon is almost the same value, but it's four years vs. the one year. A good reflection on how a third-round pick can be one of the best economic values in football if a team hits on the pick.


Term/total value: One year, $735,000

Signing bonus: $0

Base salary: $715,000 (split of $383,000 if he lands on reserve list)

Workout bonus: $10,000

Weight bonus: $10,000

Salary cap charge: $575,000

QUICK-HIT THOUGHTS: This deal qualifies for the minimum salary benefit, meaning Green's salary cap charge is lower than his base salary. The minimum salary benefit was implemented, in part, so veterans like Green wouldn't be squeezed out by lower-priced rookies by allowing teams to lower their cap number. Also notable is the weight bonus, which seems to reflect some level of concern from the team side on Green in that regard.


Term/total value: 3 years, $1.485 million

Signing bonus: $0

Base salaries/cap charges:

2013: $405,000 (split of $288,000 if he lands on reserve list)

2014: $495,000 (split of $318,000 if he lands on reserve list)

2015: $585,000

QUICK-HIT THOUGHTS: This is a standard rookie free-agent type deal for a player signed after the initial wave of rookie free agency has passed.