Slideshow: 20 years of top picks with Kraft

With the announcement of Patriots top draft choice Jamie Collins signing his contract today, the timing coincides with a project we've been working on at ESPNBoston that highlights "20 years of top picks with Robert Kraft."

For 18 of the 20 years that the Kraft family has owned the Patriots, they have held a traditional photo shoot with the top pick (check out the two years they didn't, which explains why they might never break the streak again).

A snapshot from each year brings back memories and often times tells a story in and of itself.

Thanks to Stacey James and Christy Berkery of Patriots media relations for their assistance, and to ESPN teammates such as Julianne Varacchi, Peter Lawrence-Riddell and Dan Peterson for their work coordinating the slideshow.

To view the slideshow, CLICK HERE.