Kraft: Local Super Bowl would be 'great'

BOSTON -- With NFL owners choosing the sites for the Super Bowl in 2016 and 2017 on Tuesday in Boston, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft addressed the possibility of Boston hosting a future Super Bowl.

"It would be great. I sort of like Boston/Providence (as the site)," Kraft said. "This is where it all started. Right here."

The biggest litmus test for cold-weather Super Bowls will happen next February, when New York/New Jersey hosts Super Bowl XLVIII.

"We would love one day to hold it here if it's a good experience there," Kraft said Tuesday. "We're looking forward to seeing this experience in New York and New Jersey."

Like the upcoming Super Bowl, Kraft believes that cooperation between two states would be necessary, given Gillette Stadium's location about halfway between Boston and Providence.

"Part of what it will require is political people in Boston and Providence coming together so we could really have the right number of hotel rooms and have the support," Kraft said. "It would require cooperation from all of the political folks who would have to gather together and want this and come together, like they do in other parts of the country."

Kraft also expressed a desire to hold the Pro Bowl, which is still played in Hawaii, in the host city the week before the game. But like the Super Bowl, the allure of warm weather may ultimately trump efforts to have the game played in cold-weather cities.

"I think a lot of our fans like being down in the warm weather, to be very honest," Kraft said. "And if I didn't live here, I'd probably feel the same way."

The earliest that Boston/Providence would be able host a Super Bowl is in 2018, but competition could be stiff. Indianapolis, which hosted Super Bowl XLVI in 2012, has already began the bidding process.