Patriots spend on undrafted free agents

The Patriots signed 19 rookie free agents after the draft, and their contracts were analyzed by colleague Field Yates. This was one of the largest rookie free-agent classes for the Patriots in recent memory, in part because of the 90-man roster limit and also something that reflects the general youth of the team.

Examining the rookie free-agent contracts reflects, in part, the value that the player had in the post-draft market.

Today, Brian McIntyre of the “Shutdown Corner” blog on Yahoo! Sports puts those numbers in a league-wide context by noting that the Patriots spent more guaranteed money on rookie free agents than any team in the NFL.

“The New England Patriots, Dallas Cowboys and St. Louis Rams each spent over $100,000 in guaranteed money on their class of undrafted free agents this offseason, according to a source with knowledge of rookie salary data,” McIntyre writes.

“NFL teams could spend a maximum of $78,170 in signing bonuses on undrafted rookie free agents this offseason, but there are no limits to the amount of guaranteed money teams can include in the standard three-year contracts signed by undrafted free agents. Seven NFL teams have spent more than the $78,170 signing bonus maximum in guaranteed money, with New England leading the way by spending $140,000 in guaranteed money on their undrafted free agents.”

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