Brady explains Derby celebration

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's celebration at the Kentucky Derby with connections to Orb was given widespread attention (video here), and Brady was asked about it this morning in an interview with the "Dennis and Callahan Show" on sports radio WEEI.

"It was just a fun experience. We've been going to the Kentucky Derby for a long time with a lot of my buddies -- with Wes [Welker], Dan Koppen and Tedy Bruschi, Lonie Paxton, a lot of guys that I've played with. Randy [Moss] came one year. I've been going for about 12 years and we went down with a friend of ours who is an owner of the horse, so we actually kind of had a rooting interest. We had a rooting interest for several months. It was kind of like we were very much a fan. I haven't had that experience in a very long time, where you're just very happy that someone else won. I was very ... I would say overjoyed. It was a long buildup to that race. We were all having a great time."

Brady was then asked about rumors that he bet $4,750 on Orb.

"I don't know where all that was reported," Brady said of rumors he won a big wager. "Like I said, I was most happy that my buddy's horse won, which was really cool. It was really cool. ...I don't even know what I even bet at that point of the day."

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