Patriots set the pace in 2012

The Patriots ran more plays per game than any team in the NFL, Mike Klis of the Denver Post highlights in a feature story on the Broncos' plans to possibly pick up the pace this year.

The Patriots averaged 74.3 plays per game, which was almost 15 more than the Titans, who ranked last in the NFL (top 5/bottom 5).

From Klis' piece:

Ordinarily, the Secret Service doesn't guard the president with the intensity in which the Broncos protect their strategic secrets. The offseason work with the faster-paced offense, though, has been so different, so invigorating, the team can't help communicate the possibilities. ...

Forgive Broncos fans if when they read and hear reports about how fast Manning is directing the offense this offseason, they immediately wonder if their team is going New England fast. As in Week 5 of the 2012 season, when quarterback Tom Brady used one word to signal a play call and the Patriots got off an astounding 89 plays against a bewildered Denver defense.

"We're fooling with some of that," Fox said. "We fooled with some of it last year. You tinker this time of year."

This is a good example of how the NFL is a "copycat" league; do something effectively and others will watch and potentially attempt to implment it themselves.

Furthermore, turning this closer to home, it highlights the importance of the Patriots maximizing time on the practice field with a revamped receiving corps. To play fast, everyone has to be operating off the same script, and this can be an important time to build a foundation in that area.

To read Klis' piece, CLICK HERE.