Bruschi on 'Football Today' podcast

Patriots Hall of Famer Tedy Bruschi was a guest on ESPN.com's "Football Today" podcast today with Robert Flores.

Some of the highlights:

Most intriguing/fasincating NFL offseason storyline. Chip Kelly and the Eagles. "I think he has a possibility of being a pioneer," Bruschi says, before focusing on Kelly's practice schedule and focus on areas that might be overlooked by others. "I think Chip Kelly will put the Eagles into a competitive situation come late this season and I think he's going to be an innovator in the way offensive football [is played] and teams are structured throughout the season."

Most overblown NFL storyline this offseason. The Jets. "A little overblown in terms of I think there is a lot of attention because of the drama -- the whole [Tim] Tebow was there for a little while, now he's gone. Can he play quarterback? Getting Geno Smith. And Geno Smith putting a little bit on himself in the way he's handled himself. Mark Sanchez. At first, I thought 'just get rid of Sanchez and you have [David] Garrard and you have Geno there and let that work it out.' Now the dynamic is different now. It's almost like you want Sanchez to win that battle, to give him one more chance. It's a quarterback situation, it's in New York and there is a lot of attention to it -- a little bit overblown."

NFL presence in London. With NFL commissioner Roger Goodell discussing the possibility of the league expanding its presence in London, Bruschi opined on some of the challenges that would be faced if there was a permanent team. While noting players would prefer to play in the U.S., Bruschi added, "To me, I think this is inevitable. Eventually, this is going to happen."

Negotiating his own contracts as a player. After touching on Dwight Freeney's recent remarks about not being willing to play for $1 million, Bruschi reflected on negotiating his own contracts with the Patriots during his playing days. "I took less money. The last deal I signed, late in my career, I did get a little bit of pressure from the media [and] 'why was it so low?'" Bruschi said, before noting why he felt more comfortable extending his contract a year before it was to expire.

To listen to the podcast, CLICK HERE.