Video: Deal helps Tebow more than Pats

ESPN's Trey Wingo and Tim Hasselbeck, reporting from Foxborough, point out why the Patriots' signing of QB Tim Tebow is such a big story and where he might fit in Bill Belichick's plans.

"Very few people have a moderate response to Tim Tebow," says Hasselbeck. "And so, the on the field, the off the field, is why we are in rainy Foxborough."

Wingo and Hasselbeck acknowledge that there is no quarterback controversy in New England and that it's difficult to even figure out a role for Tebow in the Patriots' offense behind Tom Brady. But Hasselbeck thinks it can be a big development boost for a QB like Tebow, if nothing else.

"It's a good spot for him to try to develop, try to prove that he can improve at playing quarterback in the NFL. I think this is more about the Patriots giving him a good opportunity rather than him really improving this football team," says Hasselbeck.