Bruschi: Pats want to 'fix' Tebow

A couple of former Patriots were on “SportsCenter” on Tuesday to discuss Bill Belichick’s predictably brief and vague comments about the signing of Tim Tebow. Belichick was asked 14 straight questions on Tebow at one point and deflected them all.

“That’s vintage Belichick. ... That was Belichick 101,” said Tedy Bruschi, a former Patriots linebacker and current ESPN analyst. “You don’t talk about positions, you don’t talk about injuries, you talk about the players being smart, tough and hard working. He always says when a player comes in you get everything that player encompasses. That’s all he wanted to focus on in Tim Tebow.”

Former Patriots offensive lineman Damien Woody called the Belichick press conference “pretty much Kryptonite to Tebow-mania right there.”

As for their thoughts on how Tebow will fit with the Patriots, Bruschi had some insightful analysis:

“I don’t think Tim Tebow’s a project. I’d call it more like a crusade, because Josh McDaniels, this is his guy. This is his guy who he drafted in the first round. He knows him very well and feels like he can fix him.

"When coaches get on that kick, trying to fix somebody and get him playing good football, I think Tim Tebow is on this team for at least a year. He is on this roster. They brought him in to learn under Tom Brady but to teach him also. They want to fix him and help him become a quarterback because they feel they can do it better than the Jets and a lot of the other teams. ... They want Tim Tebow to play quarterback.”