Belichick on Adrian Wilson & more

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Soundbites from Bill Belichick's Wednesday's news conference:

Opening statement. “We’re rolling into the second day of minicamp here. Pretty much the same, a continuation of what we did yesterday. Continue to do a lot of teamwork and try to get as ready as we can to get our scheme installed so we can head to training camp with a good base. Not much new on this end.”

Adrian Wilson’s leadership role. “Adrian has done a good job. He’s worked hard. Very professional. Has a real good attitude. Has a lot of experience. We’ll see how all the rest of it plays out. I would imagine what [players] were referring to is how he carries himself, the way he goes about his job. Works hard. Smart guy. Experienced. And he’s really tried to learn and buy into our program and do everything he can to find a way to contribute. I think he’s very well respected.”

How much of the playbook is installed at this point. “I’d say pretty significant. Definitely over half. There are a lot of things we don’t do, a lot of situational things and situational plays, some adjustments and things like that. It’s a foundation, it’s a base, and definitely everything we do from here will build on what we’ve done. I think that’s really the important thing. It’s a pretty good chunk.”

How are the new receivers grasping the scheme. “The ones that are out there are making progress. Every day is important. We’ve gone through our regular passing, third-down passing, red area, two minute, and all those things. We’ve handled a lot of blitz situations. We’ve covered a lot of information and a lot of situations, and the guys that have been out there have gotten a lot of reps and a lot of experience at it. Of course, the guys that haven’t have gotten the classroom work but not the on-the-field work. They’re obviously behind, but not as far behind as they would be if they weren’t getting all the classroom and film work.”