Sports on Earth: All hail the hoodie

In a "Sports on Earth" piece, Peter Richmond writes on Patriots coach Bill Belichick.

"The story of the week wasn't about the guy who was signed. It was about the guy who signed him. It always is," Richmond writes after a week in which the Patriots made headline news. "The coach everyone loves to hate? Including the Football Fates, who've denied him a ring ever since Spygate (how else to explain David Tyree? Or Wes Welker's drop?). I hate to love him. And damned if I also don't try to watch every game he coaches. And damned if I don't always want him to win."

Richmond then explains why he feels that way, while reflecting on a time in which he visited Belichick for a story in GQ.

"I did come away, having talked to Mike Vrabel and Brady, with an appreciation of the way he ran his organization. ... Belichick trusts his men to be men, and treats them as such, and they respond with loyalty in kind. Second, he's smart enough to appoint an elite sub-team within his bigger team who report the temperature of the locker room to him. Third, he strives to simplify, right down to the binary if need be -- as in, 'Look at the other team's formation, wherein they're going to either do this, or they're going to do that.' Even if you're only slightly smarter than a bag of hammers, you'll be right more than half the time."

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