Grantland: Still on the shopping list

In a piece written for Grantland.com, Bill Barnwell pinpoints teams that have still have "shopping" to do at specific positions.

"We've all done it. You go to the grocery store with a list, but after working your way through each aisle and choosing the wrong line at checkout, you realize on your walk back to the car that you forgot something. This is inevitably an item you will need to use almost the moment you get back to your house. You never forget the truffle oil. You always forget the milk," Barnwell writes.

"The NFL is no different. Every team enters the offseason with a shopping list, informed both by the shape of their roster and the moves they know they're about to make in removing players from that roster. By June, the bulk of the shopping is done; outside of a few stray roster spots, everybody is already at home unpacking the groceries.

"There are teams out there who still have major unaddressed holes on their rosters. ... I went through the depth charts of all 32 teams and found the 10 holes that were most surprisingly left alone during this spring's shopping spree."

The Patriots make Barnwell's list of "top 10 forgotten items", specifically at the receiver position. Barnwell breaks down the Patriots' situation at receiver into three parts -- "door No. 1 (anonymous veterans), door No. 2 (promising youngsters) and door No. 3 (empty)."

"As always with the Patriots and their offensive wrinkles, stay tuned," Barnwell writes.

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