Lawsuit alleges Hernandez shot man in face

Embroiled in the investigation of the shooting death of a man near his Massachusetts home this week, New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez also is the subject of a civil lawsuit alleging he shot a Connecticut man in February, according to court records.

Odin Lloyd, 27, was found dead Monday evening about a mile from Hernandez's sprawling house in an upscale subdivision in North Attleborough, Mass. Lloyd was shot, sources told ABC News.

His body was discovered in a clearing near John Dietsch Boulevard not far from a vehicle that had been rented by Hernandez.

Police said Wednesday that Lloyd was dating the sister of Hernandez's girlfriend, and that authorities are trying to reach that woman because they are concerned about her safety.

Meanwhile, New York attorney David Jaroslawicz told ESPN's Ed Werder that he represents Alexander S. Bradley, the man who claims he was shot by Hernandez after the two argued upon leaving a Miami nightclub in February.

Jaroslawicz said Wednesday that he filed a personal-injury lawsuit on behalf of his client but that the suit was withdrawn because of an inaccuracy. A corrected version was to be refiled in Florida federal court later Wednesday, Jaroslawicz said.

Jaroslawicz said his client has been a friend of Hernandez for several years. The lawyer said Bradley spent several weeks being treated at a hospital and has endured several operations with even more necessary to repair damage from the gunshot wound.

The original lawsuit, Jaroslawicz said, alleged that Hernandez shot Bradley in the face. The refiling contends that Bradley was shot in the arm but the bullet traveled into his head and caused damage there, including the loss of his right eye. According to the suit, the two had an argument in a strip club and later, in the car, Hernandez pointed a gun at Bradley. The gun went off and Bradley was hit.

Asked whether he has a police report of the incident, Jaroslawicz declined to provide information. According to USA Today, his client was in the hospital for weeks and, "I'm sure the police were there."

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