Will Hernandez face NFL discipline?

A secondary concern in the homicide investigation Aaron Hernandez is involved with is how it will impact the Patriots on the field. On SportsCenter this morning, NFL Insider Adam Schefter weighed in on that topic.

He said at this point the NFL is not commenting on the matter and is in “wait and see” mode.

“They’re clearly monitoring the situation and will do its own investigation and it will determine whether or not Aaron Hernandez violated the NFL’s personal conduct policy, which might be the least of his concerns at this time,” Schefter said.

“He does not have to be arrested or charged to be disciplined by the NFL,” he added. “The NFL can do what it wants, as we’ve seen in the past with Ben Roethlisberger, who was not arrested or charged in either particular case that he was involved with, in Nevada and down in Georgia. And he was still suspended for six games and on appeal had that suspension reduced to four games.”

Schefter also pointed out that the Patriots’ tight end position has gone from an area of depth to one of deep concern. After back surgery, Rob Gronkowski will likely start training camp on the PUP list and might miss the start of the season. And there’s now the possibility Hernandez will be suspended to start the season.