Cossack: What's next for Hernandez

ESPN’s Bob Holtzman and legal expert Roger Cossack checked in early Friday with the latest on Aaron Hernandez, who is being charged with obstruction of justice.

What exactly does an obstruction of justice charge mean for Hernandez and what’s next in this saga? Cossack explains that “there will be a whole lot of lawyer negotiations going on (video above):

“What it means is that the police believe there is evidence that will help in solving this murder that Hernandez destroyed,” Cossack said. "There’s a federal statue in every state that you cannot knowingly destroy evidence. And what they believe has happened here is that the home surveillance system was destroyed, the cell phone was destroyed, the house was cleaned, and the police think there was evidence that was destroyed because of that.

“Now the problem of course is that nobody knows what was in that home surveillance so in some ways it’s difficult for the police to make their case. But it’s more of a ratcheting up. I think in some ways that destroying the home surveillance was almost thumbing his nose at the police.”

So what's next here?

“There will be a deal made, I think, for Hernandez to surrender,” Cossack says. “Then he’ll have to face the court and will have to have bail. Whether or not he wants to discuss anything with the police is really not something that we can say. It’s a decision to be made between Hernandez and his lawyer.

“And also as to what the deal is. I mean, are they going to give him immunity if he talks? What does he have to say? Normally you would say you never want to talk to the police, just take the obstruction of justice charge and fight that, particularly with the murder charge hanging out there.”