Cossack's take on police activity

ESPN legal analyst Roger Cossack was a guest on SportsCenter this afternoon, explaining from his view what the increased police activity at Aaron Hernandez's home could be about.

Some of Cossack's remarks:

1. The activity at the house appears, from his view, to be more search-warrant related than regarding an arrest warrant.

2. “I think this is part of ratcheting up pressure on Hernandez. The fact that the arrest warrant hasn’t been served, but a search warrant is being served, to me is like the police sending signals more and more, saying ‘We’re getting closer, we’re getting closer. We want your cooperation. That’s why the arrest warrant hasn’t been served. There is going to come a time, and there is going to be a line, when we’re not going to ask for cooperation [but] we’re coming after you.’ So I think that’s what is going on right now.”

3. (On what he expects to happen next) “I think this is somewhat of a cat-and-mouse game that’s going on between Hernandez, his lawyer and the police. The fact that Hernandez has not responded yet indicates to me, at least, that there is some serious discussion going on with his attorney. Because no attorney who had the opportunity to self-surrender a client, and work out a deal for him, particularly when you’re talking about a crime of this type – any attorney would want to do it. So the fact that Hernandez is holding out and police are ratcheting up the pressure, to me indicates that eventually there is going to be a line that is crossed and I think you’re going to see Hernandez arrested, for at least obstruction of justice, if not something else.”