The case against Hernandez

In the video above, ESPN's Bob Holtzman chronicles an alleged timeline of events on the night that Odin Lloyd was murdered, a crime that former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez has been charged in.

Below is the reconstruction of events as put together by detectives, presented by Holtzman.

Sunday, June 16

9:02 PM: Hernandez starts texting, reaching out to friends in his native Connecticut and asking them to "Please make it back." Another text is sent to Lloyd, telling him they need to meet.

According to the prosecutor in the case, Hernandez's friends arrive at his home in North Attleboro, Mass., hours later and video surveillance shows Hernandez with a gun.

Monday, June 17

1:12 AM: Hernandez and his friends depart his home and head south on I-95, before reversing their course and heading north on the interstate.

2:32 AM: Over an hour later, Hernandez and his friends arrive at the home of Lloyd in Dorchester, Mass., and Hernandez texts Lloyd, "We're here."

3:07 AM: Lloyd begins a text message conversation with his sister, "Did you see who I'm with?"

3:11 AM: Lloyd again texts his sister: "Hello?" She then responds: "Who?"

3:22 AM: Lloyd replies to his sister "NFL"

3:23 AM: Lloyd follows up to his sister with a text that reads: "Just so you know." It was at this time that the vehicle made its way into the industrial park near Hernandez home where Lloyd's body was eventually found.

3:27 AM: Video surveillance shows the car departing the park.

3:29 AM: The car arrives to the North Attleboro, Mass., home of Hernandez. Not long after that, video surveillance shows Hernandez with a gun once again. Three men then make their way into the basement of the home and the video turns off.