Overrated & underrated Patriots

In a video now posted on NFL.com, Adam Rank and Dave Dameshek chime in on their most underrated and overrated Patriots of all time. The pair picked a wide receiver for each category.

Starting with his underrated selection, Rank nominated Stanley Morgan, a first-round choice of the team in 1977 who surpassed 10,000 yards receiving with the Patriots and played all but one year of his career in New England.

Said Rank: "There's been so many great receivers during his era, during the 80s and everything, Stanley Morgan is often overlooked. But look at his career numbers, more than 10,000 receiving yards, 72 touchdowns, numbers that you compare against guys like Cris Carter, Tim Brown and you think 'he wasn't that special.' But you've got to understand, this was a different era of the NFL where passing was just starting to become more prominent in NFL offenses, and when you compare him against contemporaries, Stanley Morgan [was] clearly one of the best."

Dameshek offered a familiar name for his overrated player, choosing Wes Welker, who finished his six-year tenure with the Patriots with 118 catches last season.

"I'm talking about Wes Welker," Dameshek said. "Yes very productive, undeniably spectacular numbers, 100-plus catch seasons, all over the place, but, of course, all 100 catch seasons are not equal. He caught a lot of underneath balls, and took a real beating too, by the way, to his credit, but in that offense he happened to be in the right place at the right time. I'm not saying everyone in the world can replicate that, but I do think Danny Amendola will in 2013 and that will make you hold Wes Welker in a little less high esteem as though he's the only man on the earth that could've produced in that fashion."

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