Edwards: Don't blame the Patriots

ESPN analyst and former NFL coach Herm Edwards doesn’t hold the Patriots accountable for Aaron Hernandez’s missteps. In his view, the team put the player in a position to succeed and the player made some bad choices.

“This was a guy that they took a chance on. A lot of teams take chances on guys,” Edwards explained on Tuesday’s SportsCenter (video above). “There are guys with issues you know coming into your program. The whole key is this: putting him in an environment where he can have some success, on and off the field.

“You expect a guy to make choices when he becomes a part of your organization, on the field and off the field. Aaron Hernandez made some bad choices. That’s no part of the New England Patriots.”

Edwards in the past has spoken at the NFL’s annual rookie symposium, where young players learn about how to stay on the right path as they navigate their way in the NFL.

“We are a collection of our choices,” Edwards stated Tuesday. “[Hernandez] had a decision to make. Did he want to go down this road or did he want to go down another road? He chose to go down the wrong road. This is not on the New England Patriots, this is on the player.”

Do you agree?