Snapshot: 2013 media guide cover

The Patriots' 2013 media guide was released today, and it includes a snapshot of quarterback Tom Brady's face as he roars with emotion, in addition to images of linebacker Jerod Mayo, special teamer Matthew Slater, defensive lineman Vince Wilfork, safety Devin McCourty, and offensive lineman Logan Mankins.

Those players were the Patriots' captains in 2012.

Using this as a springboard, here is a quick-hit review of the most recent media guide covers:

2012: Team huddle before a game with the ball held high in the air

2011: Patriots helmet (upside down as it's being held by a player)

2010: Aerial shot of flyover looking down on Gillette Stadium

2009: 50th anniversary illustration with Pat Patriot blowing out candles

2008: Looking up at the championship banners inside Gillette Stadium

2007: Patriots logo (as it appears on the shoulder of a uniform)

2006: End Zone Militia (firing their muskets)