Brady on the Super quest

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady recently spoke with Sports Illustrated's Peter King, with King passing along one comment from Brady in his "Monday Morning Quarterback" piece.

It's about the quest for a Super Bowl championship, and what the soon-to-be-36-year-old Brady has learned since winning three (2001, 2003 and 2004).

"We’ve had our chances. Twice. More than twice, actually. I still have plenty of chances to do it," Brady tells King. "What I’ve learned is it’s really, really hard to win the Super Bowl. I didn’t get that perspective early, winning three out of the first four years I played.

"What I like about this franchise is we’ve got a shot every year. I love the fact we were in the AFC title game last year, the Super Bowl the year before that, and 14-2 the year before that. Can we win this year? It’ll be determined by our level of commitment, the mental toughness. We’ll find it out before the season. How committed are we?"

The "Monday Morning Quarterback" piece is part of King's new site -- "The MMQB." King promises more from Brady on Tuesday.

To read the piece, CLICK HERE.