Wake-up call: Belichick steps to mike

(Every day of training camp, we'll have a wake-up call that previews the day ahead.)

1:45 p.m. ET -- Bill Belichick's opening news conference

This marks the first time that Belichick will address the media since Aaron Hernandez's murder charge, and it comes on the same day -- and almost the same time -- that Hernandez is scheduled to be in Attleboro District Court for a probable cause hearing (2 p.m. ET). Belichick's news conference is scheduled to be held in the press box at Gillette Stadium.

The timing is a changeup from past years as Belichick usually has his first news conference on the first day of practice (which is Friday this week). The idea this year, it seems, is to address the topic before moving on to football by the time the team hits the field for practice.

The expectation is that this news conference is dominated by Hernandez. In the past, when the focus has been on a former player, Belichick typically has stated that he's happy to talk about the players on the roster. This situation is obviously different and it's hard to imagine Belichick taking that approach in a news conference that is expected to draw an overflow media crowd that should include many news reporters, including some from national networks.

At the same time, given the legal ramifications, it's also unlikely that Belichick will go into much detail on Hernandez. One would imagine he'll read some type of statement to begin, then mention that there is little else he can add.

That won't stop the questions from coming.

It also won't stop Belichick from possibly cutting things off early.