Kraft on Tebow: Pats want 'good people'

Patriots owner Robert Kraft on Friday made a surprise appearance on ESPN Radio's "Mike & Mike" show, which broadcast from Gillette Stadium on Day 1 of training camp.

After presenting the hosts with gifts (a new Nike Patriots hoodie and a No. 5 Tim Tebow Patriots jersey), Kraft answered a few questions.

Here’s what he said about why the Patriots signed Tebow:

“We’re trying to collect as many good people as we can in all our businesses. Here’s a young man that’s hardworking, puts the team first, everybody who meets him likes him. And we didn’t have a third-string quarterback, so here was a chance for us to get a very experienced, special guy who could come in and be part of our team.

"You know, I think sometimes our fans also forget that the person who runs the scout team is usually the second or third quarterback. And he’s a running quarterback, he’s mobile, and he’s a great team guy, and I think he does whatever the coaches ask him to do. ... The more good people you can have in your life, the better things are going to be.”

To hear the full Kraft interview, click HERE.