Reiss: Similarities to 2006 season

ESPN Radio

Mike Reiss stopped in to ESPN Radio’s “Mike and Mike” show at Gillette Stadium on Friday to discuss Patriots training camp, what to expect from Tom Brady and New England's offense, Tim Tebow's role and more.

Reiss said that with all the on-field changes, this season reminds him of 2006, when Deion Branch got traded and Tom Brady's No. 1 receiver was Reche Caldwell. “[Brady] was asked to do so much with, really, so little, compared to other quarterbacks around the league,” he said.

“Basically what you have is Danny Amendola is going to do what Wes Welker did for this team, and then you have a lot of questions -- is Gronkowski ready, do they run a two-tight-end offense or are they more a three-receiver offense?”

“One thing to keep in mind about this offense is that it’s 14 years old, I mean this is the same offense that Tom Brady started with in the year 2000, so they can do a lot of different things. And Brady has tremendous recall that they can just dial up basically anything from 2000, 2004, 2007, so they’re not locked into one thing.”

On how he expects the Patriots to use Tim Tebow, Reiss said, “I think he’s here specifically to play quarterback, and it’s the third quarterback -- they have Tom Brady, they have Ryan Mallett. Obviously they’re happy with the first two. One thing to keep in mind is Ryan’s contract runs through the 2014 season, so maybe he has a big preseason and he’s an asset that they can trade. So you have [Tebow] who could come in and maybe be a No. 2. Or maybe he doesn’t make it at all. I don’t think that it’s a given that he’s a lock to make the roster. But you could always call him in during the season if you have an injury. You want the guy in at training camp to learn your system so there’s not as much of a learning curve if you have to call on him during the year.”

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