Brady: Not putting limits on longevity

As he nears his 36th birthday and 14th NFL season, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady recently told Men’s Health magazine he’s not setting any limits on how many more years he plans to play.

"All my thoughts on a daily basis go into how I can sustain the length of my career,” he told the magazine in the issue that comes out Aug. 6. “What I eat. How I sleep. My levels of stress. Why? Because I love football."

On Sunday, we learned that Brady was among the team’s award winners for performance in the team’s offseason program.

Earlier this month, he told Sports Illustrated’s Peter King he wanted to play beyond 40, a refrain he’s repeated in recent offseasons. Men’s Health upped the ante, asking Brady whether he could play to age 50 and beyond.

"I would love it, Brady said. "If I think if I can do it, then I probably will."

Wishful thinking, for sure, considering no quarterback in NFL history has played beyond the age of 44.

"There's really an excitement I have to do this for as long as I possibly can," he told Men’s Health, "even though everyone out there puts a limit. But I've always had people put limits. And I'm a person who says, 'Well, screw limits.' I'm not putting a limit on myself."

This offseason, the Patriots extended Brady’s contract through the 2017 season, when he’ll be 40 years old.

As for his plans when he finally does retire, Brady said he’ll focus on business. He told Men’s Health that his “TB12 Sports Therapy Center” will open in September at Patriot Place.