Arrington, Ridley downplay dust-up

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- It was only a matter of time, and Tuesday afternoon brought us our first dust-up between players on the practice field, as running back Stevan Ridley took exception to a hit from cornerback Kyle Arrington, eventually leading to an exchange of shoves that quickly deflated.

The mini scuffle is par for the course during training camp (a fight involving roughly 20 Titans players drew notice on Saturday), and both Ridley and Arrington downplayed the incident after practice.

"That's camp, man," Ridley said. "That's all I'm going to say about it. We're competitive out here and we're working hard every day. The days are getting long and that's part of it."

The incident came in the closing moments of camp, as Ridley hauled in a pass before taking a hit across the chest from Arrington that knocked him to the ground.

"It's all love, you know," Arrington said after practice. "Whatever happens on the field stays on the field. It's an emotional game, emotional people. It's all love though at the end of the day."

Though we don't expect there to be any residual effects from the interaction, it was a reminder that the players are getting ramped up to hit someone from a different team.

"Always," Arrington said of being excited to go against the Eagles in practice and game action next week. "Definitely eager to see where we are as a team the first time going up against somebody else."