Who stood out in 1-on-1 drills

FOXBOROUGH -- With the Patriots practicing in pads for the third straight day, it offered another chance to watch full-contact pass-rush drills.

Here was what we saw:

Strong showings

DT Tommy Kelly -- His combination of speed and power is a lot for guards Tyronne Green and Markus Zusevics to handle. He would have had a clean sweep but Zusevics held his ground on a fourth rep.

C Ryan Wendell -- The more you watch him, the more you appreciate him. Seldom seems to be out of position, has quick feet and handled Marcus Forston three times and then rookie free agent Joe Vellano, who had been on a bit of a hot streak.

Decisive victories

DE Marcus Benard -- He could have the quickest first step among the backup DEs, which was seen as he used his speed to race around G Markus Zusevics in a flash. Later, when OT Sebastian Vollmer got his hands on him initially, he couldn't generate a counter move to shake free.

DT Joe Vellano -- Shaded on center Chris McDonald (1 technique), he displayed a suddenness at the snap that seemed to surprise McDonald as he surged past him.

High-energy award

DE Justin Francis -- He stands out with his hustle, as he races back to the defensive side after each rep he takes, and also picks up his performance while working against some of the team's developmental linemen.

Want to see more of ...

DE Jake Bequette -- While Jermaine Cunningham and Justin Francis take quite a few reps (Cunningham had a nice rush on Sebastian Vollmer by dipping his shoulder and turning the corner), Bequette is seen sparingly in the drill. From what we've watched over the last two years, Bequette seems to be at his best with a speed rush to the outside. Always watching to see other moves in his arsenal.

Heavyweight matchups

LT Nate Solder vs. DE Chandler Jones -- One time, Jones knocked Solder out of his stance. But Solder held his ground on another rep, and also limited Jermaine Cunningham.

G Logan Mankins vs. DT Vince Wilfork -- They square off three times and it's just fun to watch.