Closer look inside 1-on-1 rush drill

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- A fifth straight full-pads practice offered yet another opportunity to watch the Patriots’ defensive linemen work on their pass-rush techniques. Overall, it looked like the best performance for the offensive tackles in this drill since training camp started.

Here is what we saw:

Standout performers

OT Sebastian Vollmer – Gets the drill started on the right note for the line by locking out Jake Bequette. Vollmer was clearly knocking off some rust when 1-on-1s began five practices ago, but it looks like he’s coming on and finding his rhythm. Later, in 2-on-2 drills, he teams up with guard Markus Zusevics to keep the pocket clean against Bequette and Jason Vega.

OT Nate Solder – Shows a strong punch to knock Justin Francis wide during his rush, and later keeps dangerous Chandler Jones at bay. In 2-on-2 work, he shows the solid chemistry he’s built with left guard Logan Mankins to team up and hold off Jones and Vince Wilfork, and later the duo does the same against the combination of Marcus Forston and Michael Buchanan. If not the final rep, when Solder appears to slip and Buchanan gets a clear path to the quarterback, this looked like a solid day of work.

Decisive victories

DL Tommy Kelly – Catches right guard Tyronne Green lunging and easily slices through on an interior rush.

DE Michael Buchahan – Uses his long-arm technique (34-inch arm length), jamming his arm into the breastplate of newly-signed offensive tackle Brice Schwab to knock him out of his stance. Schwab later evens the score with some scrappy work against Buchanan in 2-on-2s.

DL Vince Wilfork – Looks like a possible technique error by center Ryan Wendell and Wilfork takes advantage. Earlier, Wendell does well to hold his ground against Wilfork.

OT Markus Zucevics – Possibly his best day in the drill as he does well against the relentless Rob Ninkovich on one rep.

Points for a creative rush

DE Chandler Jones – In a rare matchup against left guard Logan Mankins, he uses the push-pull technique by drawing Mankins into him before attempting to shed him to the side. It might not have been executed 100 percent cleanly, but the move seems to take Mankins a bit by surprise, something he probably doesn’t often see on the interior. Points granted for creatvity.

Welcome to the drill

DT Cory Grissom – The rookie free-agent from South Florida, who was held out of the first few days of practice, shows some nice power and scores what looks like a victory over Tyronne Green (who appears to struggle overall). Grissom later teams with Anthony Rashad White to create some push in 2 on 2s.

A sign of improvement

No penalties -- One day after five defensive linemen were penalized for encroachment, no one jumped early in this drill.