Brady: Good to see some improvement

PHILADELPHIA -- Quarterback Tom Brady told ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio that he’s seeing progress from his young and untested Patriots offense after the team held its first joint practice against the Eagles on Tuesday.

“It’s nice to see that we’ve made some good improvements,” said Brady, who added that Tuesday’s session was one of the squad’s better practices. Still, Brady added, “there will be a lot to learn from tonight” when he watches film.

With an almost entirely new receiving corps that includes six rookies, Brady has talked throughout camp about the importance of getting everyone on the same page. The Patriots’ offense is not a simple one, Brady saying the team’s offensive playbook will at least in part be dictated by his targets’ ability to execute in different personnel groupings and formation variations.

“The more confidence we have in each other to pick those things up, the more we’ll use those things,” Brady told Paolantonio. “The problem is if you don’t have a lot of confidence that you can make those adjustments then you choose not to do them. And then we become more like every other offense.

“We’re trying to get everybody on the same page. We’ve had constant communication with the tight ends, the running backs, the new receivers to be able to come out and execute at a high level, because that’s the expectation.”

With two more joint practices set for Wednesday and Thursday and Friday’s preseason opener, the Patriots offense will have more opportunities to gel in a competitive setting.

“I think patience is important,” said Brady, who over the weekend turned 36. “As I’ve gotten older I realize there’s a learning curve, certainly a learning curve for all the young players, all the veteran players that come in here and are trying to learn so many things in our system.

“My teammates have come in and done a great job, talking everything that coach Belichick has given to us throughout this spring and now into our practices this summer.”