The story of a boy named Brady

PHILADELPHIA -- Fun story to pass along from Thursday at joint practices with the Patriots and Eagles.

The Eagles had sandwiches delivered for media members and they came all the way from Bethlehem, about an hour and a half away, where the Eagles used to hold their training camp at Lehigh University.

Jeff Vaclavik brought the sandwiches from his shop, Deja Brew, and he had his 8-year-old son, Brady, with him. Brady was wearing an Eagles training camp T-shirt over ... what else? ... a Tom Brady Patriots jersey.

Here's how the story goes:

Jeff and his wife, Georgeann, were expecting their son right around the time of Super Bowl XXXVIII between the Carolina Panthers and New England Patriots. They were having trouble picking a name, and came up with an idea of letting the game decide.

If the Panthers won, it would be Jake, for then-Panthers starting quarterback Jake Delhomme.

If the Patriots won, it would be Tom, for Patriots starting quarterback Tom Brady.

But when Georgeann expressed some reservations about the Tom possibility, the question was asked, "How about Brady?"

They both liked that idea, and so when the Patriots came through in the clutch for a dramatic victory, they followed through by naming their son Brady.

"It took us a while to admit that," Jeff said with a smile.

As for the sandwiches? Delicious. From the "Royale with Cheese" to the "Greyhound," "Engineer," "Andretti" and "Kaiser Soze," it was much appreciated.