Were you impressed by Tebow?

On today’s First Take (video above), Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith discussed Tim Tebow's performance in the Patriots' preseason opener, in which he threw for 55 yards (completing 4 of 12 passes) and ran for another 31 (on 4 carries).

“The astonishing thing that was highly impressive, was that the Patriots had installed a variety of running formations that fit Tim Tebow,” Bayless said. “They’d been practicing all kinds of spread option formations. I don’t think they just drew these up in the dirt on Friday. They clearly had worked on them somewhere along the line in practice.”

Bayless thinks Tebow “will get better. Those were invaluable snaps for him because I think the Patriots are going to utilize him in some running situations.”

Smith was less impressed by Tebow, saying bluntly: “He can’t throw, and that’s the point.”

He did concede that Tebow is “an athletic dude that can contribute on an NFL roster.” He just doesn’t buy Tebow as an NFL quarterback.