Belichick: About 80 percent of roster set

In his pregame interview with Scott Zolak on 98.5 The Sports Hub on Thursday, Bill Belichick gave a feel for where things stand from a roster perspective.

Asked how much of his 53-man roster was set at this time, Belichick said, "Probably maybe 80 percent of it."

"There are a lot of guys that are going to play in the league that are on our team, just like we saw last year. If they're not with us, they'll probably end up with somebody else," Belichick said. "I think it's not a question of necessarily 'who's better than who' but kind of how it all fits together so we can take care of all of our needs on offense, defense and special teams. And also have some depth in those areas and try to balance out our roster so we're not overly thin in one area or have too much insurance in another area that costs us somewhere else.

"So we have a lot of jobs that have to be done -- when you include the kicking game and all the situational things that we want to do, goal-line, short-yardage, all of our sub packages, multiple defensive backs, multiple receivers. All those type things. It's just trying to find the right people to balance all that out. I think it could go a number of different ways. We'll see how it plays out in the next two weeks."