What Pats are saying about EJ Manuel

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Bills coach Doug Marrone announced that quarterback EJ Manuel, who underwent minor surgery on his left knee Aug. 18, will start Sunday's season opener against the Patriots.

Here is what some Patriots coaches and players said earlier in the week on Manuel and the Bills' offense:

Linebacker Jerod Mayo. "Strong arm. He can also run the ball. They have a lot of different packages for him."

Coach Bill Belichick. "There isn't a ton of Buffalo film on [him]. We saw [him] play in college and scouted [him] coming out, but that doesn't mean as much as what [he does] in this offense and how [he does it]."

Defensive end Rob Ninkovich (on WEEI). "Having a little bit more of an athletic quarterback back there, the offensive mentality is going to be a little bit different for them. They're going to try some option stuff and try to get the quarterback moving around. As a defensive lineman, you're just trying to get to the quarterback, keep him in the pocket. Especially the guy being young, let him throw, let him stay back there and try to make those completions."