Belichick blunt on Blount's impact

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Patriots coach Bill Belichick was a bit chippy during his Wednesday morning news conference, and we liked it.

Among the things that Belichick said which caught our attention related to his thoughts on running back LeGarrette Blount.

When a questioner mentioned the coaches seemed to be showing confidence in Blount over the last two games, Belichick didn't wait for the question to end. He jumped right in and said there has never been a lack of confidence, going back to the first peseason game at Philadelphia.

Then he touched on the fourth-quarter third-and-1 run in which Blount was stopped short on Sunday night against the Falcons. A first down would have, for all intents and purposes, ended the game.

"It was probably as good a run as we've had all year. I don't know about the spot on that one, but he did everything he could to get that first down. It was a very close play," Belichick said.

"But nobody will ever talk about that one. I think that's as good a run as we've had. I know it didn't gain any yards but that was a good run."

The Falcons had good penetration on the play, with safety William Moore (6-0, 221) surging through and hanging on to the 6-foot, 250-pound Blount as he powered forward. Belichick still seems irked by the spot (on replay, officials couldn't get a good enough look to change the spot).

"The fact that he even got as close as he did, and we can talk about whether he did or didn't have the first down, but whatever he got on that was more than on his own," Belichick said.