Danny Amendola: 'So far, so good'

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Patriots receiver Danny Amendola, who has missed the last three games with a groin injury, gave a positive report on his progress Wednesday as signs continue to point to his return for Sunday's game against the Bengals in Cincinnati.

"So far, so good this week. I feel good," he said after the team's practice. "I felt good today. I’ll know more tomorrow and we’ll go from there. ... Every day is getting better. [I'm] working hard and just trying to get back out there as quickly as possible.”

Amendola also acknowledged that while he feels good on the practice field, there will remain an element of the unknown until he actually plays in a game because the intensity and pace can't be matched in a practice.

"Absolutely. I won’t know until I get into the game, but I’m trying to prepare myself best for that," he said.

Amendola added that it's not so much managing pain at this point, but instead, "getting strength where you need it" and "being able to move the way you want to move on the field."

"With each practice, I know more," he said. "... Just looking forward to this week and staying optimistic."