Video: Schefter's take on Gronk situation

With the news this morning that Rob Gronkowski looks less likely to play Sunday than was anticipated earlier in the week, “SportsCenter” checked in with ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter to get his take on what’s going on between the Patriots and their star tight end.

“In this particular case, basically there are two teams we’re talking about: We’re talking about the Patriots’ team and we’re talking about Team Gronkowski, which is his family, his advisors, all the people on his side. And Team Gronkowski right now is being very careful in its dealings with team Patriots.

“And Team Gronkowski wants Rob Gronkowski to be cleared not only by Dr. Andrews, but by Dr. Jupiter, an independent doctor in the Boston area [who performed the fourth and final surgery on his forearm]. Neither one of those doctors has yet to clear Rob Gronkowski to date.

“That could happen at some point here in the next 24 hours, but I’m told this morning there is less optimism today that Rob Gronkowski will be able to play on Sunday against the Saints than there was earlier in the week.

“And the questions continue to go on. He’s out there at practice, he’s been cleared to practice, just hasn’t been cleared to play in a game. And that may be Team Gronkowski’s way of exerting some control over the situation so that Team Patriots doesn’t have the final say over whether Rob Gronkowski is out there Sunday or in any other game.”