Julian Edelman on 'Mike & Mike'

New England Patriots receiver Julian Edelman was a guest on ESPN Radio's "Mike & Mike" program on Tuesday morning (listen HERE), and here were some of the sound bites from the interview:

On his thoughts on Rob Gronkowski not playing yet: “Personally, my point of view, I’m not a doctor. I’m not a coach. I’m not a trainer. I can’t necessarily tell you if he should be on the field or he shouldn’t. I have no problem with Rob. Rob is working his tail off to do what he can to get out there on the field. There is a little too much going on with that. We’re all kind of just worried on what we have to do, prepare for the New York Jets. It’s a huge game we have going on here, a divisional game, going to New York. Any time it’s Boston/New York, you know there is a little something extra to it. So I don’t think we’re really worrying about that. I think the media is kind of blowing that out of proportion. We’re more worried about the New York Jets.”

On Patriots radio analyst Scott Zolak’s colorful reaction to the game-winning TD pass and if he understands what he was saying: “You know, I do not. I know Zolak a little bit and he gets pretty excited but I don’t think anyone could comprehend what he was saying. ... I think he’s been watching too many Will Ferrell movies.”

On his 23-yard reception to start the game-winning touchdown drive: “We put in a different personnel group, four receivers in, and we kind of had a mismatch going. They turned it into Tampa [defense]. Pre-snap, I was like ‘they have to be rolling into something else’ and we snapped the ball and the linebacker jumped out and was trying to re-route me. After I got around him, it was like ‘Wow, this is actually [Tampa] 2, so let’s make this catch.’ We got it. It was definitely a good coverage to have for four verticals and we took advantage of the opportunity.”

On Tom Brady’s presence starting the final drive: “Before we went on to the field, you could see Tommy was focused. He had that ‘in the zone’ type of look. He basically said, ‘Let’s go out, we do this every Thursday, we’ll be all right.’ Everyone was kind of focused on the task at hand. We play out the situations a bunch during the week. Coach Bill [Belichick] makes it pretty tough on us [in practice].”

On being the only primary receiver of a revamped unit: “Around here, you just kind of go with the flow and you just kind of worry about yourself. If a new guy has a question, then you answer the question, but we preach around here ‘do your job.’ I try to just do my job, prepare to the fullest of my ability, and try to lead by somewhat of an example and worry about what I have to do because if I don’t ultimately don’t do my job, I’m affecting the unit."