Penalty watch: Patriots vs. Jets

(Every Thursday, we'll explore the New England Patriots' penalty breakdown in comparison with the team's opponent, while adding a few league-wide stats.)

Patriots' total penalties: 33

Patriots' total accepted penalties: 26 (3rd fewest on average)

Jets' total accepted penalties: 55 (most in the NFL on average)

NFL team with fewest accepted penalties (on average): Colts, with 3.6 per game

NFL team with most accepted penalties: Jets

Most frequent Patriots penalty: False start (7) and offensive holding (7)

Key stat: The Patriots have been penalized for defensive pass interference just three times, and defensive holding once.

Most penalized Patriots: G Logan Mankins (4), G Marcus Cannon (3)

Summary: The Patriots have improved the past two weeks as they didn't have a penalty Oct. 6 against the Bengals and had six against the Saints (one offsetting, one declined). Mankins was called for two holding penalties against the Saints, but that wasn't reflective of an overall impressive performance from him. Specific to this week's opponent, the Jets, their place at the top of the NFL's penalty charts is notable and if it continues could be a factor in Sunday's game.