Video: Gronkowski describes rehab

In a promotional interview that hit YouTube shortly after his agent announced doctors had cleared him, Rob Gronkowski describes his rehab process and his excitement about returning to the field.

Gronkowski has yet to play this season after multiple surgeries on his forearm and a back procedure as well.

"It’s not just the arm, it’s the back, too," Gronkowski says in the video (embedded above), which promotes a nutritional drink. "You’ve got to rehab both and both is a process of weeks. It’s every single day for about eight weeks or the rest of my life I’ll be doing physical therapy."

In the video, Gronkowski is shown lifting weights and performing running drills. It is not clear when the video was produced.

"You might just think that we just show up and play on Sunday," Gronkowski says. "But there’s so much behind the scenes parts of it that go on in order to get back on the field. It’s literally rehab, rehab, practice, running, conditioning, strengthening all the muscles, strengthening my core muscles. And it’s not just my back muscles and my arm muscles, it’s my whole body."

Gronkowski concludes his comments by saying he’s "progressing every week" and that being sidelined has left him restless.

"I had it taken away from me in college, I had it taken away from me at the end of last year and now I had it taken away from me at the beginning of the year, the game of football, he said. "It’s going to be a great feeling to run back out there through that tunnel and get back on that field."