Edelman on the high-5 that never was

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- There was the scintillating game-winning drive. And well before that the misconnection on the high-5.

With 7:36 remaining in the second quarter of the Patriots' 30-27 win over the Saints last Sunday, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was slapping hands with several teammates as he sat on the sideline, as the Fox television broadcast locked in on the emotion of an elated sideline. But then, as receiver Julian Edelman put on his helmet and walked past Brady, the quarterback was left hanging as he reached his hand out.

The highlight spread like wildfire, on YouTube, and it was also featured in tabloids and on blogs. Edelman took a ribbing from some.

"It cracks me up how everyone has been reacting to it," Edelman said Friday during his weekly radio interview Friday on WAAF in Boston. "It's unbelievable, to tell you the truth. …

"It's crazy. I didn't see him. And I think it was right before a punt return, so I was getting all fired up. You never know with the TV angle how close I actually was -- this, that."

It didn't take long after the game before Edelman was made aware of the high-5 that never was. In turn, he had some fun with Brady -- one of his closest friends on the team -- over the highlight.

"I got it on Sunday night from one of my buddies and I sent it right to him. I was like 'Yeah bro, I guess I'm just too sick for you.' He's over here busting me up and I texted it to him immediately, just to let him know," Edelman said.