Bruschi on why pushing rule was needed

In his weekly chat on ESPNBoston.com, Tedy Bruschi explained why the NFL implemented a rule that penalizes players for pushing teammates into the line of scrimmage on field goal attempts. While with the New England Patriots, Bruschi was on the field on such plays:

“Eliminating the pushing on the FG block is smart. When I got behind Richard Seymour and put both of my hands on him and pushed at the snap, we would absolutely obliterate offensive linemen. It would get the point when I couldn't push any more and I would take my right shoulder and fire into the middle of Seymour's back. Nine times out of 10, there was a mass of humanity on the ground. I thought it was cool. I was always the one still standing getting to witness it. But I can just imagine what those offensive linemen felt each time. We used to crush those guys.”