Simms: Surprised by Gronkowski

A couple of soundbites from CBS analyst Phil Simms, who will call Sunday's Patriots-Dolphins game alongside Jim Nantz, on what stands out to him:

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski: "It’s always good to have a good player, and especially a star, like Rob Gronkowski return. I was extremely surprised that he looked as good as he did, and to be that productive on his first game back after being out all that time and going through the surgeries. It shows you what a special player Gronkowski is. Once the other pieces start to fall in place, it is going to make Tom Brady’s job easier. Gronkowski changes defenses. Now it’s up to everybody else to take advantage of the fact that he’s changed the defense."

Dolphins' 3-game losing streak: "In the NFL you win close games and you lose close games. It comes down to the last couple of minutes with who makes the plays to win. Most teams are in that boat. Miami is one of those teams. They have a lot of good players. But no matter how they play, it’s still going to come down to the last couple minutes just about every single week. So what side of the ball does it for you? Their offense could have run the clock out, but that’s a little unrealistic. The defense had a chance if they could have stopped Buffalo and not given them the field-goal chance. They would have won. So, one side of your football team really has to dominate in those special situations. And those special situations in the NFL are the last two or three minutes."