Play-action game finds its groove

Before officially closing the book on the Patriots' 55-31 win over the Steelers, one final observation:

In reviewing the game, it stood out that the Patriots had success with play-action passing, which is often only possible when a team makes a commitment to run from the outset. The Patriots did so.

According to ESPN's Stats & Information department, the Patriots produced the following against the Steelers using play-action:

Completions: 8

Attempts: 12

Pass yards: 239

Touchdowns: 2

Interceptions: 0

Total QBR: 99.7

Sacks: 0

Those results were a welcomed change for the Patriots, as they had not been solid in that area this season:

Completions: 27

Attempts: 59

Pass yards: 557 (69.6 per game)

Touchdowns: 2

Interceptions: 1

Total QBR: 57.7

Sacked: 7