Tom Brady ready to move on

Later Wednesday, the New England Patriots will begin practice in advance of their Week 12 showdown with the Denver Broncos, and though that game marks one of the biggest of the season, a cloud still hangs from the team's Monday night defeat in Carolina, marked by a controversial flag that was picked up at the end of the game.

On Wednesday morning, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who was visibly frustrated as he left the field Monday night, addressed the situation again, but conceded that what was more frustrating than the non-call was the lack of execution from his team.

"The most frustrating part is just that we had plenty of opportunities to win that we didn't take advantage of," he told the "Dennis & Callahan" show on WEEI sports radio in Boston.

"You hate to come out of the game and blame something that's out of your control, whether you agree with it or don't agree with it," he continued. "Or I'm sure everyone has their own feelings on it, but my own personal feeling is, yeah, there's frustration. I was certainly frustrated at the moment it happened, but also going to the locker room and understanding that we really blew the chances that we had, that's more the overriding factor."

Had there been a penalty called, the Patriots would have been entitled to one untimed down to try and score the game-winning touchdown. Brady admitted that he and the coaches have thought about what play they would have called had the opportunity arisen.

"I don't really want to divulge that information, because what if that comes up next week?" he said lightheartedly.

Though the frustration for some lingers, Brady noted there's no more time for the Patriots to sulk over the defeat, as the NFL cycle continues to spin.

"You don't have long to grieve in the NFL," he said. "We felt crappy on the flight home and then you start evaluating what we need to do better, and certainly we're on to Denver at this point."