Mayock: Among Belichick's & Brady's best

During the Thursday night football game between the Texans and Jaguars, NFL Network showed a graphic of the AFC playoff picture, which led analyst Mike Mayock to make the following statement:

“Of that group, I think the team that has improved the most from the first day of preseason until today is New England, and I would tell you that I believe Bill Belichick and Tom Brady are having among the best year they’ve ever had in the NFL. Those young receivers, I don’t think there’s as much talent in New England as they’ve had in some other years. I don’t think they’re good enough to win a Super Bowl, but I think they’re doing a great job, on a weekly basis, of winning football games.”

When it comes to Belichick’s coaching job, this rivals 2008 when the Patriots lost Brady on the 15th offensive play of the season and still finished 11-5. Other could also point to the 2001 season, Belichick’s second in New England, as one of his best.

Specific to Brady, this season has mirrored 2006 when he was asked to do more with less. That was the opposite end of the spectrum from his record-setting 2007 season, which is hard to top.

About six weeks ago, some were wondering if Father Time had caught up to Brady.

Those thoughts, as Mayock’s comments reminded us, are no longer part of the discussion.