Defensive groupings: 63 percent in sub

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- One of the areas that will be charted throughout the season is the New England Patriots' defensive breakdown between their sub and base packages. This can highlight player value and take us deeper into the X's and O's of each game.

Last week against the Browns, the Patriots were in their base package for 39 of 76 snaps. There were five snaps in the short-yardage package and 32 in sub packages.

That put the game in the minority in terms of the Patriots playing more snaps in the base defense than sub packages.

Overall, here are the numbers for the season (includes penalties):

Sub defense: 605 of 950 snaps (63.7 percent)

Base defense: 325 of 950 snaps (34.2 percent)

Short-yardage: 20 of 950 snaps (2.1 percent)

When looking ahead to Sunday's game against the Dolphins, it helps to revisit the Oct. 27 meeting between the teams.

The Patriots played it almost evenly between base (33) and sub (28) until the final two drives, when the Dolphins were in pass-first mode and the Patriots went exclusively to sub for the final 17 snaps. It makes sense to think we'll see more of the same Sunday.