Brady: No Christmas card for Suggs

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Ravens defensive end/outside linebacker Terrell Suggs and Patriots quarterback Tom Brady have something of a history with each other, as the two have exchanged words throughout the years (Suggs has had more to say than Brady, to be fair).

With Christmas just one week away, Brady was asked -- jokingly -- on Wednesday if he's already sent his Christmas card to Suggs' home in Baltimore.

"Probably not this year," he replied with a smile. "Maybe one of these years we'll get together for dinner or something."

While there's seemingly been no love lost between the pair of veterans, Brady shared high praise for Suggs as a player.

"He's a great player, he's always been a great player," Brady said. "He presents a lot of problems for an offensive line, an offense. He's big, he's rangy, he's powerful, he plays the runs and pass. It's really -- for a guy that size and how athletic he is, to play the way he does is amazing."

Sticking with the Christmas theme, Brady revealed where he does his holiday shopping this time of year.

"Amazon.com. I'm probably keeping them in business," he said before quipping. "It's hard to find your wife something on Amazon.com."

Brady had a final one-liner during his press conference as he was addressing how the Ravens have accounted for the loss of longtime defensive standouts Ray Lewis and Ed Reed.

He highlighted veteran Daryl Smith as a key cog in replacing Lewis and also touched on their first-round pick, safety Matt Elam.

"Elam is [a] young player with all the skill and ability," he said. "He made some big plays for them, he's got some pretty key interceptions -- he made one last week.

"He's a really good player, they've got -- friggin' Baltimore," he continued lightheartedly. "They've always got a good defense."