Belichick: Patriots earned division title

BALTIMORE -- Patriots coach Bill Belichick was naturally pleased with the team's 41-7 victory over the Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium, as well as the team clinching the AFC East title.

“I thought it was a really good job from our team today," he said in his opening remarks. "We had a lot of guys banged up coming into the game, lineup changes and all of that, but we had a good week of practice. I thought our players really prepared hard and played hard, and played well.

"I'm really proud of the way they played; that they competed. Being able to finish and play 60 minutes is good. They earned it today and that's a good football team we played. I'm happy to win the AFC East and hopefully we can build off this game. It was a good one for us."

Belichick repeated multiple times that it took a full-team effort. There was another part of the performance that was a relief.

“It was kind of nice to be in a game that didn't come down to the last seconds," he said. "That brings out excitement. When you can win in this league on the road, beat a good football team, they deserve the excitement."

As for clinching a playoff berth, he said: “That's what we work for all year. We started with the offseason programs, OTAs, and training camp. We worked to put ourselves in position to have a chance to compete at the end of the year, and we did that. We got ourselves in position to qualify for the playoffs; that's good. We'll see what happens going forward, and that's what we play for -- to be able to play in the postseason. Fortunately, we have that opportunity and now we'll see what we can do."