Patriots shake up the schedule

With Christmas on Wednesday, the Patriots are shuffling their schedule around a little bit this week.

A normal week calls for Monday as a day to review the film from the previous game, Tuesday as a day off for the players while the coaches game plan for the upcoming opponent, and Wednesday commences the practice schedule.

But after arriving home late last night and with the holiday on Wednesday, head coach Bill Belichick announced changes to the schedule.

"Kind of scrambling here, got back late and we’re going to, this week on the schedule, we’re going to give the players Wednesday -- Christmas -- off," he said Monday morning. "We’re going to try to move things up to get the start on Buffalo on Tuesday instead of Wednesday. So, we’re kind of cramming for the Bills here."

The Patriots will still have their same number of practices this week, but today will serve as both a wrap-up of Baltimore day and also a game-plan preparation day.

The payoff will be the opportunity to spend time on Wednesday with family and close friends, something every coach savors during the season.